NewGPI pro game automatically moves bricks

NEWgpi pro is a web3 self-running game script, using neural network algorithm, combined with high-defense server operation, member real-name registration to generate popular game accounts, using the home intranet ip to execute game instructions and communicate with the server to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted intelligent and efficient game delivery Bricks, PK treasure hunting and other tasks. The income is stable, hurry up and participate together, more surprises are waiting for you!


NewGPI GPI script running logic

1. The NewGPI data center obtains and updates high-quality and popular games on the market through crawler technology every day, and then AI intelligently analyzes the number of users and profitable game tasks in the game, marks worthless games, collects and analyzes valuable games that can be run, and converts them into The script runs the command to package the GPI game script sent to the user in real time. At the same time, the server will pre-install and update the game software when the bandwidth is released.

2. After the cloud host server is activated, a variety of ready-to-run games, touch systems, and settlement systems are pre-installed. The cloud host server is ready to install, switch, and execute script command operations based on the instructions sent by the script in real time.

3. After the game script is installed in the user's computer, the user's home IP address is used to automatically generate a game account through the user's real-name registration information. Anti-game platform for game restrictions on repeated registration of the same IP. Simulate real users running game scenarios. The game script receives the game running code analyzed by the company's data center, and performs game task execution commands and command operations with the game software in the server 24 hours a day through the neural network algorithm.

The division of labor in the game value system that attracts players

In large-scale online games, 70% of players consume time, do tasks, earn currency issued by the system, and then buy cards to play games, and 20% are self-sufficient. All earned currency is spent in-game. The other 10% are the people with the strongest spending power. Currency earned by acquiring other players in the game. Use currency to buy equipment, clothing, skins or pets from other players. Consumption power is concentrated in these 10% of the population, and these 10% of the population support the value system of the entire game. Such as DISCORD game. A lot of players tap the keyboard in front of the computer day and night to earn nft and then exchange it for money. Then star holders and socialites go to hold specific items. As the 10%, the value system of the project is maintained. 70% of the game are ordinary players, and 20% are professional game unions. 10% are rich. Then web3 games are in the decentralized virtual ecology. The division of labor of GPI script in the game is also very important.

"The gold coins earned in the game will be exchanged for NG coins on the NewGPI platform in real time. NG coin is an NFT game token. It cooperates with ten well-known world game trading platforms and has a stable exchange rate. It can be exchanged for legal currency in different countries in real time for withdrawal operations!"

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What NewGPIpro can bring you

No need to invest a lot of time and money.Easy to generate amateur income for us


Daily Earnings Mini Game

In the web2 era, small game publishers earn advertising fees, and we spend our time paying for them! Now you only need to participate in mini-games every day, and the advertising fee embedded in the game will allow you to get advertising revenue according to the customs clearance points!

GPI script running income

When we get the server and download the good runtime GPI script. Let the computer or mobile phone work 24 hours a day, GPI scrip can continuously perform game tasks for us to gain benefits.And we just need to pay attention to whether the script is still working properly every once in a while

continuous and stable

Games are entering a new era with rapid development. web3, metaverse, gamefi, all attracting batch after batch of Wall Street capitalists. Coupled with the popularity of smart terminals and 5G networks. This is a stable and sustainable market.

Simulate real game scenarios

The audience of the game is ordinary players. The reason why online games attract players is because the characters in them are real, so this requires members to participate, use the member real-name system to generate real game accounts, and transmit game task instructions through the members' home IP network!

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